Aether Apparel's new Los Angeles Outpost has a commercial freezer set to 9 degrees in it so you can properly test the jackets even when it's 80 degrees outside! Here's a peek into the new store in the front of their HQ. featured post *NOTCOT

Aether Apparel's new Los Angeles Outpost has a commercial freezer set to 9 degrees in it so you can properly test the jackets even when it's 80 degrees outside! Here's a peek into the new store in the front of their HQ.

November 7th, 2013

Just back from checking out Aether Apparel's new outpost in Los Angeles in the front of their headquarters! Tucked away at 6100 Melrose Ave. between the reception and actual warehouse (yes, where your packages are coming from when you place an order online!) you can find their full collection of styles to try on and touch in person. And being LA, since it's not often winter weather, shopping for snow ready coats isn't always the easiest! So of course they have installed a commercial freezer running at 9 degrees for you to hop in to. Being over 80 degrees today, I must admit, it was a refreshing change from the heat! So take a look at the store below ~ love their design details and seeing sketches and samples behind the design process on display!

It's easy to miss if you're not looking for the green covered black corner at 6100 Melrose Ave....
Pop in to the snowy wonderland of powder ready winter wear! they are branching out a bit from their signature black, grey, navy palette ~ but these gorgeous hues are definitely unmissable out on the mountain. On details - see that orange Anorak to the left? That zip on the side is genius, making this pull over far easier to get on and off!
On the left of the anoraks you see boxes getting ready to be shipped ~ to the right, the door to the warehouse!
Into the freezer to test how warm the jackets will keep you!
I couldn't resist popping in (with a jacket of course) - 9 degrees is frigid. And don't worry, there's a huge button to let you out.
Here's the ladies side of the store ~ in bright yellow is the new Elevation jacket i fell for. Waterproof, Wind resistant, Seam sealed, and Snow + Mountain ready, I can't wait to try it out in Utah this winter!
On the Men's side ~ here's the new Highline ~ perfect to keep you cozy and warm with 300 grams of primaloft one.
Along with their products, the store also carries quite a few of their favorites that complement the lifestyle ~ from wallets and sunglasses, to motorcycle helmets and books, and far more.
Lovely display of the design and inspiration between the fall/winer '13 line. From sketches to samples, it was fascinating to see.
Lots of Gestalten love around the shop.
Peeking into the dressing room exposed a super comfy corner chair.
Trying on the Elevation jacket - the Glacier blue is even more gorgeous in person, and the cuff velcro lines and the liner with thumbholes are some of my favorite details. Next to me, Shawn tried on the new Nimbus 3-in-1 which is apparently flying off the shelves! It's designed to be "A multifunctional city jacket and vest combo, the Nimbus is a 3-in-1 systems piece that lets you adapt as the weather changes."
The pocket detailing on the Nimbus 3-in-1 is beautiful ~ the flaps aren't add ons, notice the way they are cut from the same piece of cloth as the main shell? And the design is fully seam sealed, so you'll be staying very dry.
Fun bench that looks like an old ski lift that evolved...
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