Hands on with the 3Doodler - a handheld 3D printer. featured post *NOTCOT

Hands on with the 3Doodler - a handheld 3D printer.

October 30th, 2013

Just arrived ~ the 3Doodler. A handheld 3D printer of sorts - kind of like a hot glue gun/heat gun that takes the same plastic that you feed into printers like the Makerbot, heats it up, squirts it out, and it hardens quickly! The interesting difference? You can control the speed it comes out, and you can move it anywhere you want! It's certainly challenging, and doesn't make the prettiest of creations without some serious skill... but pretty fun none the less. Though i'm not sure what to do with the mess we've made! See the unboxing below!

There are some bonus features that create interesting possibilities - 1. A protective silicone tip cover which will protect your fingers from most of the heated extruder, addressing a number of safety concerns.

2. A mounting area built into the back of the pen, allowing any hardcore maker to connect their 3Doodler to a CNC arm, a Lego Mindstorm or anything else your imagination can come up with – effectively adding to the 3Doodler’s 3D printing capabilities.

3. A three-pin control port for the speed buttons, which can be used to control extrusion without actually touching the 3Doodler. We’ll be providing guidance on how to use this in due course.
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