The Equil JOT Smartpen! Instant gratification for sketching and note taking that shows up right on your iphone/ipad. It's somewhere between a Wacom Inkling and Livescribe 3. Here's a look at the design details and packaging. featured post *NOTCOT

The Equil JOT Smartpen! Instant gratification for sketching and note taking that shows up right on your iphone/ipad. It's somewhere between a Wacom Inkling and Livescribe 3. Here's a look at the design details and packaging.

October 29th, 2013

We've been playing around with the Equil Jot Smartpen for the last week or so, and surprisingly it's become a regular fixture in my purse. You know those bar coaster doodles... BEFORE they get soaked and the ink runs? Or you forget them after drinks? Well i can capture all those doodles cleanly and throw the coaster or napkins filled with silly ideas and doodles without worry! All while editing them further on my phone at the same time!

While Livescribe has been the main player in the smart pen game for some time (and they just launched the newest Smartpen 3) ~ i've never been a huge fan of the "special" notebooks you need, but it is definitely nice for note taking and more text based actions. Then on the other side you have the Wacom Inkling, which can use any paper and i've liked it for sketching, but the process of getting it over to your computer via cable lacks instant gratification. The Equil Jot Smartpen fall in between somewhere ~ with apps for sketching and notes, and works on any paper! Take a peek at the packaging and design details below!

Fun packaging!
The triangular shaped pen reminds me of the pencils for kids that help them learn how to properly grip a pencil.
Nice simple graphics to get you started!
The pen and transmitter all packed up and ready to go...
Super simple and easy to get going - simply download the apps, bluetooth pair it, and you're good to go.
Here's what you see when you flip open the magnetic case (very ipad case-like)...
Taking the pen, cap, and transmitter out...
Here's a video of how to use it!
There's a Note App and a Sketch App, both available for iPhone and iPad, windows and mac. You can even program in your own gestures to further customize the experience, and sync it all to the cloud.
A closer look at design details (L-R, Top-Bottom): How the pen charges, where you plug in the microUSB with a special slot to help you remove pen cartridges below, slide to release cap (or launch across the room if not careful), extra pen cartridge hidden, under the magnetic flap on the transmitter is the Others-iOS button, serial number, and reset button.
A video of what editing is like...
I'd be remiss not to give you a quick comparison of this to the similar Wacom Inkling. While i do like the Inkling for random sketches, the Equil Jot Smartpen is extremely intriguing when you want to draw/take notes and automatically see it on your device! As far as pros and cons, if you're looking to create jpgs/text notes and like instant gratification, definitely go for the Equil Jot Smartpen ~ but if you want your doodles to be captured as strokes that you can edit (think colors/line thickness/pens/etc) later, the Wacom Inkling is a better choice. My biggest bet peeve with both though... when can i use my favorite pens?!?!?!
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