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June 2016. Meet our new NOTCOT SPONSORS initiative! A mutual adoration society of sorts! A way for us to work with a select few that we love and admire - to get to know them better, and share their awesomeness with readers! In return, they are the only companies/people to appear in our sponsor spots throughout the sites, as well as a few specials we will collaborate on for the fun of the readers! We’re so excited for this new experiment, and so grateful for the adventurous and passionate folks supporting NOTCOT! If you’d like to find out more, please contact us at SPONSORS@NOTCOT.COM!
WHY? Well, here at NOTCOT, we have always believed that advertising should be like jewelry on your website, enhancing and beautifying all that’s around it! A lot has changed since 2005, especially the style, quality, and behavior of online ads. So we’ve done away with ads all together! We’re pretty sure that our sponsors will have more fun, and get more (quality) attention from our fantastic, passionate, creative, trendsetting community! Sponsor us to further inspire our community, and help keep the sites sustainable!

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