A look inside the Ace Hotel's latest in Downtown Los Angeles ~ take a look at everything from restaurant, LA Chapter, to the lobby, rooftop, pool, bars, and rooms! featured post *NOTCOT

A look inside the Ace Hotel's latest in Downtown Los Angeles ~ take a look at everything from restaurant, LA Chapter, to the lobby, rooftop, pool, bars, and rooms!

January 23rd, 2014

The Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles just opened in the historic United Artists building. Ready for a peek inside? From the art filled lobby/store to the restaurant across the lobby, the rooftop bar and pool, and even a look inside the rooms ~ see what we found below!

Coming soon ~ a grammy's party getting set up in the historic theater, the gym they're making with Undefeated, and far more rooms opening in the next few weeks!

A block down from Umami Burger (the spot that was once Umamicatessen) and the newly opened Acne and Urban Outfitters on Broadway, across the street from from the parking lot Banksy... the newest Ace Hotel has quite the billboard to introduce itself to the city!
Twitter/instagram handle on the marquis... neon to let you know you're in the right place.
Looking from the inside out, love that they label Broadway with neon too!
Screenplays line the walls where they direct you to rooms, halls, and more...
Turning under the archway to the front desk you can't help notice the art everywhere, the unreachable library above, and the store/record library below.
Ace goods and collaborations in the lobby...
Love the oil paintings of foggy palm trees.
Fun printed bags for hair dryers and irons.
The archway across from the lobby is L.A. Chapter - which also provides 24/7 room service!
Upstairs from the restaurant, lounge, work, have a drink!
Upstairs bar!
Communal table perfect for hanging out with friends, or your laptop...
Heading up to the roof from the elevator by the table in the last pic... you pop up to this oasis!
And as you turn and look up ~ WOW.
Mesmerizingly beautiful wooden tables up on the roof! Also fun art, and cozy lounge spaces to take in the view...
Heading back in, you find the bar... and if you head to the light, you find the pool on the other side!
While this is no lap pool, it's bigger than a hot tub, and a cute spot to lay out.
Love this subtle corner trash can.
No diving into the 3'2" pool!
A close up peek at the water/towel spot to the bottom right of the tower.
Heading to the main elevators to head down to check out some rooms...
As i turn back when heading into the elevator... more fun neon to tell you that you're upstairs! (in the clouds?)
Into a room! Large and spacious ~ exposed concrete ceilings, a mix of new and vintage...
Heading in and turning left you see the TV console, bed and bathroom areas...
The Ace Hotels always have fun graphic and details... tyvek shower curtain! adorable NOT NOW and Cleaning door hangs!
A peek at the conference rooms and event halls!
And while this is what happened when i got distracted talking/walking/trying to take pics + instagram filters... a crazy night at the Ace DTLA might look like this!
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