Skookum Dog Gear ~ NOTpuppy, Bucky, tries out their (faux) Sheepskin Bed with Memory Foam, Stuffed Toy Bat, the World's Best Tennis Balls, Collar + Bungee Leash and more... Fun packaging and details. featured post *NOTCOT

Skookum Dog Gear ~ NOTpuppy, Bucky, tries out their (faux) Sheepskin Bed with Memory Foam, Stuffed Toy Bat, the World's Best Tennis Balls, Collar + Bungee Leash and more... Fun packaging and details.

January 21st, 2014

Fun package just arrived today from the freshly launched, Seattle based, Skookum Dog! They even have their creed on their packing tape - "Loyalty first. Have fun now, not later. Be good. Be strong." I posted their sheepskin dog bed with memory foam on, and they were nice enough to reach out and surprise our NOTpuppy, Bucky, with a box of goodies to try out.

So who are they? "Skookum Dog endeavors to design and make great gear that reflects the fun we have hanging out with our dogs, whether that's at home, on the road or on the trail. To keep things simple, Skookum Dog gear is available only through this site and our Seattle store. To keep things right, we donate 10% of groups that do good, such as The Petfinder Foundation and the National Forest Foundation (we hike often with our dogs in the National Forests and bet you do, too.) To keep things strong, we make Skookum Dog gear in the U.S.A. out of the best materials, including the Original High Tenacity 1050d ballistic nylon. And to have fun, we adhere to a rigorous product testing protocol that requires thousands of trail and car miles a year." For Seattle folks, you can find their in person store at 4750A Ohio Ave S., Seattle, WA 98134. As for their goods, they have started with dog toys, beds, collars, leashes, duffels, and gear ~ with more coming soon!

First, a peek at their lovely video of what life with a Skookum Dog is like!
Now - into the unboxing! First detail, love that they have a night logo and a day logo... and Bucky wouldn't leave the huge cardboard box alone...
They definitely hit my soft spot for custom packing tape... Loyalty first. Have fun now, not later. Be good. Be strong. ~ this is the Skookum's creed!
GOODIES!!!! It's hard not to be excited when you see awesomely packaged "World's Best" Tennis Balls which are made in England on top!
As soon as i got it all unpacked and turned around, this is what happened.
Not that tennis balls need instructions ~ but these are pretty much the best one's i've seen for them. "INSTRUCTIONS: If you don't know what to do, ask your dog." As for why they are so special that they deem them the World's Best Tennis Balls? "We think these are the best tennis balls in the world, bar none. The family-owned factory in England that makes them was established in 1936 — the guy that runs it is now in his 80's. These aren't just tennis balls, they're the genuine articles, the real deals."
Fun, colorful, Skookum Dog branded tennis balls!
... and he definitely knew what to do.
Top view! I must admit, i wasn't sure how i felt about the sheepskin memory foam dog bed being natural sheepskin shaped (even though it's synthetic), but in person, i quite like it. As dog stuff starts to take over our home, NOTlabs, and even the car... the shape makes it more visually interesting! As for materials, the "top is U.S. synthetic sheepskin / sherpa fleece (made by a mill who's been doing this for decades) and the bottom and edges are U.S. 1050d HT ballistic nylon" So heads up to those using it on hardwood, when he makes a leap on/off it, it will slide quite a bit!
This is the "you're not trying to get me off the bed, are you?" look... but, in case you need to pour him off of the bed, hang it up, or just carry it around easily (it's 9 lbs!), there's a handle on the front. I'm intrigued to see whether he leaves this alone, or tries to chew it off, only time will tell? Just in case anything happens, they will soon be stocking replacement parts too - from the foam to various shell colors and even a bolster pillow!
When i finally got him off the bed, i snuck it off to another room to unzip it and peek at what's inside. The 1 1/2" memory foam they use is pretty dense, and ridiculously comfortable (not that i tried it or anything...) Also, nice detail with the night logo on the bed!
Excited dog + new bed + new toys = impossibly hard to take a picture of his collar. Loving this hunting dog "blaze" orange collar look on him ~ their sunset on the horizon print blends in so nicely. We'll have to try the bungee dog leash on his next walk/hike.
So as for Bucky's reaction ~ the whole time i was poking at things and trying to take pictures, he pretty much just wanted to do this. Or throw and chase the rolling tennis balls around like a canine pinball machine...
... or work on making the Stuffed Toy Bat deaf... i don't know why he just HAS to chew those tiny synthetic felt ears off between squeaking it. And if your dog isn't into bats, they also have a faux-fur string of sausages toy!
They also have a fun logo sticker, so naturally we had to add that to the 3rd sticker skateboard!
These few are the pics that headed to our Instagram while i've been working on this post! Check out Skookum Dog's Instagram for more peeks at their products (and their adorable dogs)!
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