Inside Wieden + Kennedy Portland - Since featuring it in '06, finally visited the pushpin Fail Harder piece, and roamed their 600 person HQ to share the creative energy + inspiration throughout! Too much to summarize, go see the pics. featured post *NOTCOT

Inside Wieden + Kennedy Portland - Since featuring it in '06, finally visited the pushpin Fail Harder piece, and roamed their 600 person HQ to share the creative energy + inspiration throughout! Too much to summarize, go see the pics.

January 10th, 2014

Wow. We finally made it to Portland, so naturally, we had to visit the main office of Wieden + Kennedy! It's no question that I've been a fan of their work/culture/world since before the beginning days of NOTCOT nearly 9 years ago. So it was incredible to get to wander their monstrous space (that holds around 600 people!) and share a peek at the inspiration all over their offices! It was amazing to hear all the stories behind campaigns and see many hints of their quirky and creative traditions, events, and inter-office fun silliness throughout. Also, as amazing as their work is as a group, i'm impressed with how many incredible side projects their creatives manage to have going at all times too!

For Valentine's Day 2012, we shared a peek into the W+K NY Offices ~ and earlier, you got a look into the surprises hidden in the W+K PDX Garage! Below take a look at what caught my eye as we checked out their PDX space...

First things first ~ into the giant metal doors!
Where you find a HUGE cardboard beaver leading you up the staircase to the lobby, with portraits of each and every employee on the walls...
Yes, there are THAT many in W+K Portland!
The architecture and lines of the space are a spectacle in their own right...
Seeing ~ well FINALLY ~ seeing the Fail Harder pushpin wall in person was surprisingly moving. It brought me back to 2006 in the early days of NOTCOT, remember this? and once upon a time they had the making of video up? And i still have the Fail Harder T-Shirt that came in a pushpin box somewhere! Anyhow ~ it definitely reminded me how long i've been doing this now, and it was great to see how well it's stayed intact over the years!
While the original piece was done by an early WK12 group ~ later on, the bonus -er around the corner got added!
A peek at the current space for WK12!
One of my favorite finds ~ there are even stickers INSIDE the elevator doors... and yes, those are custom arcade games outside the door.
'Fragile' Tape lab!
There are lounge areas popped up throughout the building ~ no two seem to be designed alike.
... upon a close inspection... these powder coated red screws actually move and react to you! All the guts and cables and neatly hidden away behind.
Cardboard robot and space ship!
The person who has the most toys doesn't win shit. It's the person with the best story.
Hehe ~ Dodge/Ron Burgundy remnants...
Tempting to just hang out in here and explore their photo inspiration/resources!
Couldn't help thinking of the toddler toys where you learn shapes by seeing what fits in what hole...
They even have a basketball court and gym (and showers)...
Don't trip? There are wood beams everywhere...
... see? Here's a peek from the 6th floor.
A piece from the Mad Science show that was on]( earlier.
There are totally wooden Nap Room/Massage spaces...
Stunning wooden conference table.
And of course, you have to see the NEST! Created for them by Patrick Dougherty, it's made of materials found locally, which have been woven together. It's hard to miss it as you wander around the building and look up.
And as a parting gift, and a perfect way for us to discover a bit more Portland, they gifted us this amazing bag of locally made goodies! (Including the NYC pillow which was made in Portland ~ which is serving as a good reminder of how long overdue we are to get out to visit their new NYC offices too!) And made in house on their new Risograph printer is their WK Goodness 2014 Calendar](!
And what better reminders during our morning coffee than - Fail Harder and Find People Who Make You Better. Thanks again for the peek inside your Portland, Wieden + Kennedy!
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