YETI Coolers - beyond this hardcore line of coolers are some amazing design, branding, and packaging details. Here's a close up look at the Tundra 45, SeaDek, Bear Locks, Beverage Holder, and Rod Holder. And Bucky hops in... featured post *NOTCOT

YETI Coolers - beyond this hardcore line of coolers are some amazing design, branding, and packaging details. Here's a close up look at the Tundra 45, SeaDek, Bear Locks, Beverage Holder, and Rod Holder. And Bucky hops in...

December 14th, 2013

I'm impressed with the branding of YETI Coolers... from the first impressions of the product from afar, to the shipping/packing tape, to the youtube videos (for EVERY accessory and modification and more?!?!), to the design details on the products themselves and the packaging of the accessories. Who knew you could make such a lifestyle out of a cooler!

Here's a close up peek at unboxing and playing with all of the details below!

Even their shipping boxes and packing tape are well branded...
Nice touch with the thank you card inside the cooler...
So here we have the YETI Tundra 45 Cooler - be warned, these are hefty! Strong, dry ice ready, can keep ice solid for over a week apparently... but i definitely need help hauling it around when full!
Here are the latches! You can even pop the pins out and flip these around to minimize the chance of your fly lines, etc catching on them - they have a video showing you how.
Thoughtful details like a basket inside... you can also add dividers and bait trays.
Bear Resistant!
Nice rope handles made of durable, marine-grade nylon rope handles with textured foam grips - you can also pop out the metal pins to remove/swap them if needed.
They even brand the BOTTOM! You can even swap out the non-slip feet for sliding feet.
Here's how they keep it cold that long and keep the bears out...
As far as Grizzly vs YETI goes, this is my favorite video!
Now on to accessories! Love the attention to detail with the packaging and branding of the YETI Cooler Accessories - here's a look at the SeaDek, Beverage Holder, Rod Holster, and Bear Proof Locks. With the array of accessories available you can have quite the multitasking cooler/seat/casting platform/drink holder/food protector/and so much more.
Beverage Holder - Made of heavy-duty, powder coated stainless steel it slides securely into the AnchorPoint™ Tie-Down slot of the cooler when open, and is extra secure when it's shut.
Rod Holster - Made of heavy-duty polypropylene tube is attached to a sturdy, stainless steel, powder coated bracket which like the Beverage Holder, slips into the AnchorPoint™ Tie-Down slot of the cooler when open, and is extra secure when it's shut. Perfect when you need to take a break and put the rod down to be handsfree for a moment. The nice thing about the tie down slots are you can easily adapt them to your own crazy accessory ideas too!
For the non-slip SeaDek - their installation video shows you how to best score the back and slowly apply the adhesive section by section. With the thoroughness of their branding, i'm slightly surprised the Masterlocks don't have YETI on them!
So many options... the SeaSucker is a nice touch...
On another interesting accessory ~ check out this video on their Seat Cushions. You actually screw self tapping snap studs into the cooler, which the seat buttons snap on to.
Here's their video on the beast of a Tundra 420, have to love their video backdrops being a wall of YETI boxes, and they certainly do look like they're having a good time.
On thoughtful details - in addition to their 5 Year Warranty, when you register your cooler you get a YETI Bottle Key.
Oh and if you're curious, here's how the YETI Tundra 45 Cooler fits a 70lb Lab... and then Bucky popped out.
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