Design Is Everywhere at the V&A Museum - 3D Printed Gun, door of pinwheels, mesmerizing glass baubles of a chandelier, ferrofluid skull, Moleskine sketch inspirations, beautiful magnifying glasses, and more... featured post *rugenius

Design Is Everywhere at the V&A Museum - 3D Printed Gun, door of pinwheels, mesmerizing glass baubles of a chandelier, ferrofluid skull, Moleskine sketch inspirations, beautiful magnifying glasses, and more...

September 19th, 2013

The V&A is a hub for design installations for LDF. It is a fantastic venue for designers and puts current design installations in a context of designs across cultures and history. Take a look at some of our favorite installations this week below.

The Sackler Centre has been taken over by installations this week, such as Garden of Russolo by Yuri Suzuki.
The Wind Portal by Najla El Zein is composed of 5,000 paper windmills.
I especially love the way the installations are distributed throughout the museum, situated in the context of fantastic design from across ages and cultures.
The windmills spin in unison, creating a whirring sound and act as a curtain or gate between the door.
A closer look at the windmills themselves. You can see them being made here.
Oki Nagoanode by designer in residence Julia Lohmann is made from the Japanese seaweed Naga Kombu.
The Liberator, purportedly the first 3D printed gun, is among the latest acquisitions of the museum.
Disassembled into 15 parts, the parts were printed in London and designed by Defense Distributed.
Cyclothymia, by Alessandro Brighetti, with ferrofluid ascending the skull. You can see the installation in action here.
The grand entrance of the museum is illuminated by this stunning chandelier from designer Omer Arbel. The chandelier is called 28.280 and made from 280 individual 28 Series glass pendant lamps, each of which is handmade at Bocci.
The chandelier works beautifully with classical surrounds, and its shape is echoed by the Chihuly in the next hall.
Double Screen EH9681 by Wendy Ramshaw produced using a high-powered water jet to cut the steel of the main frame, chemical milling of the stainless steel insert and laser cutting for the inner frame, which is made of glass, wood, metal, stone, paper, textile, ceramic and plastic, representing the diverse collection of the V&A.
The Clore Study room has been transformed into the The Typographic Circles Circular Magazine, celebrating the 2D typography-led magazine, ‘Circular’. I love the way the installation works with surrounding pieces.
The Moleskine Sketch Relay, capturing the loves of London designers.
Visitors are also encourage to add their own sketches.
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