Welcome to the NOTCOT.org Help Section

NOTCOT.org is the Design Inspiration focused CURATED USER SUBMISSION SITE of NOTCOT!
You've found my running stream of design inspiration from around the web, that makes every day THAT much more creative-block-free!

A few quick FAQs to catch folks up ~

1. Clicking images on the site bring you to the links that inspired us and contributors! Enjoy them, while not every post is for everyone, i'm sure you'll find something that piques your interest!

2. We are a custom built Curated User Submission site ~ it is our digital inspiration/bulletin board ~ which we opened up to user submissions.

3. Anyone can submit a link, image, caption

4. There can be a delay in post approvals (we love design and try to put our creative energy to good use beyond the computer!) and not all posts will be accepted. Please don't take it personally, it's not personal, we're in this for curating and collecting up great links!

5. It's true, like any magazine or editorial board, there is no magic formula to make a post accepted, but often people get a good feel for our style and tastes at NOTCOT from reading the sites.'

6. PROBLEM? If you spot a problem post, please click the REPORT button (roll over the skull in the left corner of a post), that way we know which post it is regarding!


*NOTCOT.org = Communal Inspiration Gathering = Image + Link + Thought

...NOTCOT.COM is a daily filtration of ideas+aesthetics+amusement.

This is like the telephone poll covered in flyers. Just put it up.

...Bookmarks, del.icio.us, blogrolls, etc. make you read and search and think.

This is the PICTUREBOOK to their novel.

If NOTCOT had a physical office where all of you were -

                            this would be the WALL where random IMAGES+COMICS+CUTOUTS+PICTURES

                                                                                                            would be TAPED+STAPLED+GLUED+PINNED up.

Only... well, we're digital these days. So pin away!


*The cheat sheet - which i scribbled out while sitting in a waiting room for far too long...

NOTCOT.org Posting

Ideal CONTENT: We'd like to see things that are visually stunning, creative, innovative, inspirational, and compelling

1. Design: objects, products, websites, designers, gadgets, toys, architecture, fashion, gaming, cars, luxury goods, collaborations
2. Art: artists, openings/events, installations, etc.
3. Film/Ads/3D reels and animation
4. Web/Digital: Great software, UI, UX, websites

Ideal CAPTIONS: There may not be a ton of space to describe your post, but here are some basics to get you started

1. What is it? (product name, what keywords would you use to search for it later?)
2. Who designed/produces it?
3. What's cool/interesting about it?
4. Make sure it fits! Massive cut + pastes without any thought are not appreciated.

Ideal LINKS (in order of preference):

1. NOTCOT is all about being your visual filtration of some of the best links on the web ~ So take us to the most useful link possible.
2. The designer's/company's own website. They're likely to have a good amount of interesting info so we can find out more about the awesome thing you just posted.
3. The store you can purchase it from.
4. An article or web feature, or a blog post with a good amount of info and/or exclusive info, great images, and/or an interesting opinion.

Note: If an editor feels that there is a better link, we reserve the right to change the link in your post.

Ideal IMAGES: We're visually driven here at NOTCOT, so as you can imagine, that 250x250 image is everything. This may be a little tricky, but here is what we look for in a great image.

1. It makes you stop, look again, and desperately want to click on it
2. It's easy to tell what it is you just posted.
3. It has vivid color and good contrast, unless it's meant to be otherwise(???).
4. It's not grainy or blurry.

Note: We reserve the right to replace your image with one that we feel is more visually appealing (don't worry, the editors love Photoshop, and will clean it up to the best of their abilities).


*Where are my posts?

So you've submitted your post, but it's not on the front page yet...no need to stress! There are a couple of reasons your post might not be visible to the world yet. The most likely explanation is that:

1) The editors haven't gotten to it yet! While we are distributed across time zones, we are also extremely busy´┐Żand a delay of a few hours is not unusual.

2) Your pick might have appeared on .org previously. We know our archives are extensive, but do check before posting, as repeat posts are unlikely to be front paged.

3) Regretfully, your post has not been approved by the editors for the front page, typically because the post doesn't fit with the overall theme of the site.

We also kindly request that you don't submit your picks more than once. If you don't see your post up on the front page within about twenty four hours, it's likely that your post falls into categories 2 and 3. But don't be discouraged! Just have a look around the site and get a feel for the types of links that do appear up front. We look forward to your submissions!

*Why, yes, you can go straight to the front page.

Based on the number of posts you've made, and how many of those posts make it to the front page, [insert mumbo jumbo about complex algorithm/thought process here] you may notice your posts appearing automatically on the front page. Likewise... if your posts start to drop off the main page or do not appear there immediately, no worries, great content sometimes has to be filtered out to maintain the bizarre style of notcot.org, but feel free to post away


Up in the top right corner! It currently searches the captions - more incentive to write better captions? We look forward to developing this aspect further, but baby steps people... or hit us up at access-at-notcot-dot-org if you want to help or have ideas.

* View all posts by a user

In case some of you have yet to try this - you can click on a user's name in a post and see all of their posts.


*Is there a rule about what i can post?

This isn't normal. There are no rules. Do what you want - but if you piss off others, they can complain. And i reserve the right to delete... THAT SAID - post whatever you want, from wherever you want. We try to discriminate at notcot.com and not repost things that we assume everyone's read - but this is NOTCOT.ORG - the place built so we CAN keep track of all that fun stuff that is circulating the net & anything else we find amusing/intriguing!

*How do i post?

Click "Add the Next Image" at the top left on NOTCOT.org And Submit an image, a link, your email address,name, and description. Hit Post!

*You squashed my image!

It needs to end up 250x250px - yes a square, so if you submit a square larger we just scale it down. If its not square, it will shrink then crop to the center. if you care how it comes out - i suggest taking a square screenshot - or submittind an exact 250x250px. But generally if your focus of the image is in the center, it will take care of itself.

*Found a great image, what do i do?

Right click on it and "save image as..." to your desktop, or take a screenshot. Then in the "Add next image" box - browse to that file.

*How to i make a 250x250px??

Easiest way to make one - is open it into photoshop. Set your crop tool to 250x250px and crop away. Save it to your desktop. Use the browse for file in the "Add the next image" box.

*What file type works?

jpg - gif - png - the usuals

*Can i hotlink a pic?

i dont know yet - going to go with NO for now.

*Can i play video?

no - how about take a screenshot and link to the vid page?

*My post looks wrong!

That's what the edit button is for when you get to preview your post! OR click the report button on the bottom right if its on the front page. This will send us a message saying that this one should be deleted. OR simply repost it the way you want.

*That shouldn't be there!

Find something that is inappropriate, incorrect, or just plain ugly? Report it using the report button - which will notify us to look into it/remove it.

*I reported it, but it's still there!

Between timezones, lives, sleep, day jobs, etc. our superpowers don't include getting to cleaning up .org instantaneously, but we try our best. And we use our discretion regarding deletion, but we always welcome your opinions and suggestions.



*Is this a submission to NOTCOT.com?

No this is a submission to our bulletein board like world - but it may show up on NOTCOT.com - if its exciting enough =) [ok so yes - this really is a great place to submit to NOTCOT.com - its easier for me to scan this than to remember to read all my emails promptly.]

*Can i sit and just steal all the fun finds for my blog?

Of course! Just link to us please. So that more people can come share more cool stuff with us all. Share, people, share.